This blog somehow has turned into something of a cider review thing despite me being anything but an expert on the beverage.

Cider generalisations
You as a cider drinker should think about this when making a purchase:
  1. The use of the term "Premium" does not denote anything special.
  2. "Organic" doesn't in any way make an alcoholic beverage better. In fact it's often worse because it's not as shelf stable, and by the time it's gotten to you, it could well be degraded. Shop with care!
  3. In Australia you can use the word "cider" on just about any drink made from fruit. More on this below.
  4. Cider in cans is pretty much evil. Just don't.

What makes a cider?
I've been asked this quite a bit. A cider/cyder/cidré/sidrá is an alcoholic drink fermented from apples - or if you stretch it - pears. A perry, is a pear cider specifically made using perry pears.

Typically it's between one and eight percent alcohol, and beyond that you are stepping into apple wine. Beyond fifteen percent and you are firmly in applejack or Calvados territory.

In Australia, the food standards code states cider is any fruit wine prepared from the juice or must of apples and no more than twenty five percent of the juice or must of pears.[1] As you can appreciate this leaves the marketing department a lot of leeway in how they can sell the stuff. I reckon producers here are just using the term "cider" to avoid the various types of alcohol tax. All they need to do is add apple or pear concentrate. If they made a drink using base spirits then they would be in an entirely different, less profitable category.

Terms I frequently use:
Please remember that while I may appear authoritative, I am not an expert on winemakeing, brewing or fermentation. I dabble a bit and I do have a degree in science - which just happened to involve a lot of microbiology - but I write this stuff for fun. If you are an expert, feel free to educate me in areas where I get it wrong. Otherwise please consider that all of my reviews are based solely on my own personal expectations, opinions and experience.

Carbonation: The fizz. Most cider aficionados would regard excess carbonation (or bead) as a fault.

Malic Acid: The primary acid or sharpness in apples. It's also added to increase the acidity and balance both wines and cider.

Sulphur Dioxide: A preservative added to wine, beer or cider. Smells unpleasant in large doses.

Tanin: A dry sensation on the mouth. Due to ageing in oak, or from grape skins, some cider apple varieties do provide tannins, which generally results in better ageing qualities and structure.

Here is the list of everything tried so far, in a handy alphabetical order. Your mileage may vary on the quality of review, but I do try to remain brutally honest.


Ace Joker Hard Cider (US)
Ace Perry Cider (US)
Addlestones Cloudy Cider (UK)
Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder (UK)
Aspall Draught Suffolk Cyder (UK)


Barossa Valley Squashed Apple Cider (AU)
Batlow Oaked Pear Cider (AU)
Big Shed Brewing - Cherry Popper (AU) 
Black and Gold Medium Sparkling Cider (UK)
Black Rat Cider (UK)
Bootleg Brewery "Prinsep Cider" (AU)
Boots Dry Cider (AU)
Bundaburg Apple Cider (AU)


Castaway Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Apple Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Apple and Strawberry Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Blood Orange and Pear Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Pear Cider (AU) 
Cheeky Rascal Pomegranate and Apple Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Summerberry Cider (AU)
Cheeky Rascal Raspberry and Pear Cider (AU)
Cidrerie d'Anneville Cidre Doux "Binet Rouge" (FR)
Coldstream Apple Cider (AU)
Core Cider Hardcore (AU)
Core Cider Meltdown (AU)
Core Cider Peacecore (AU)
Core Cider Pith'd (AU)
Core Cider Reactor (AU)
Custard Apple and Plum Cider (AU)
Custard Original Cider (AU)
Custard Scrumpy Cider (AU)
Custard Vintage Dry Cider (AU) 


Dr Pilkington's Miracle Cider (AU)


Écusson "Grande Cider" (FR)
Elephants Rock Cider Company "Apple Cider" (AU)
Elephants Rock Cider Company "Oaked Pear Cider" (AU)
Elephants Rock Cider Company - Scrumpy Cider (AU)


Famille L. Dupont, Pommeau de Normandie(FR)
Fog City Cloudy Cider (AU)


Genesis Premium Apple Cider (AU)
Golden Axe Cider (AU)
Gypsy Pear Cider (AU)
Gwynty Ddraig Black Dragon (UK)
Gwynty Ddraig Dabinett (UK)
Gwynty Ddraig Golden Orchard (UK)
Gwynty Ddraig Perry Vale Pear Cider (UK)
Gwynty Ddraig Vintage 06 (UK)
Gwynty Ddraig Yarlington Mill (UK)


Heil Cider (DE)
Herrljunga +46 Apple Cider (SW)
Herrljunga +46 Pear Cider (SW)


Jachmann Pink Lady Cider (AU)
John Keppler's Premium Irish Cider (IR)
Julian Harvest Apple Hard Cider (USA)


K Cider (UK)
Kirin Fuji Apple (AU)
Kirin Fuji Apple and Ginger (AU)
Kirin Fuji Apple and Mikan (AU)
Kirin Fuji Apple and Ume (AU)
Kiss Pear Cider (LI)
Kelly Brothers "70" (AU)
Knight's Malvern Gold Reserve Cider  (UK)
Knight's Malvern Oak, Reserve Dry Cider  (UK)
Kopparberg Cider with Mixed Fruit (SW)
Kopparberg Cider with Strawberry and Lime (SW)
Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime (SW)
Kopparberg Pear Cider (SW)


Lagar de Camin Sparkling Cider (ES)
Le Chat Noir Brut Cidre de Normandie (FR)
Lobo Apple Cider (AU)
Lobo Perry (AU)
Luscombe Organic Devon Cider (UK)


Maggie Beer - Heritage Apple Cider  (AU)
Maggie Beer - Heritage Pear Cider  (AU)

Matso's Lime Cider (with Wild Ginger) (AU)
Matso's Mango Cider (with Desert Lime) (AU)
Mash Brewing - Granny's Apples (AU) - This is a beer.
Mercury Hard Cider (AU)
Monteith's Summer Berries and Cider (NZ)
Mountain Goat Two Step Cider  (AU)


Nally's Cider (NZ)
Natural Selection Apple Cider (AU)


Old Coast Road Brewery Apple Cider (AU)
Old Mout Cider: Scrumpy (NZ)
Oranjeboom Cider (NL)


Rekorderlig Apple Cider (SW)
Rekorderlig Dry Apple Cider (SW)
Rekorderlig Strawberry and Mango Cider (SW) 
Rekorderlig Winter Cider (SW)


Saxton Apple Cider (NZ)
Sheppy's Somerset Draught Cider (UK)
Sheppy's Organic Cider (UK)
Sheppy's Dabinett Apple (UK)
Sheppy's Vintage Reserve (UK)
Sidra del Verano (ES)
Small Acres Pomona Ice (AU)
Somersby Apple Cider (EU)
Somersby Apple Cider (EU)
Speights Apple Cider (NZ)
Spreyton Bitter Cider (AU)
Spreyton Vintage Cider (AU)


Thatchers Cox's Somerset Cider (UK)
The Cidery Cargans "Natural Dry Perry" (AU)
The Cidery "Bitter Sweet" (AU)
The Hills Cider Company - Apple Cider (AU)
The Hills Cider Company - Pear Cider (AU)
Thistly Cross Traditional Cider (SCT)
Thistly Cross Whiskey Barrel Cider (SCT)
Three Kings Cider (AU)
Thorogoods Medium Dry Scrumpy (AU)
Thorogoods Medium Sweet Scrumpy (AU)
Thorogoods Golden Apple Beer (AU)
Thorogoods Dark Apple Beer (AU)
Two Elk Traditional Cider (SW)


Vinaceous! Forbidden Fruit Cider (AU)


Weidmann & Groh "Speierling" 2010 (DE)
Weka Apple Cider (NZ)
Weka Pear Cider (NZ)
Wild Cider Pineapple Mango (IR)
Woodchuck "Amber" Hard Cider (USA)


Zeffer Apple Cider (NZ)
Zeffer Pear Cider (NZ)

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