About Orpheus (Darren):
As far back as I can remember, food has played a large part in the happy times of my life. I have fond memories growing up in Perth with a large garden. We used to eat the unripe grapes growing over the neighbor's fence, and inevitably use them as ammunition during border skirmishes. Even cooking for my family was a fun thing, but I suspect that was because what I cooked wasn't the over-boiled organic material that my English mother seemed to enjoy.  

For some bizarre reason I abandoned all of this, and decided on a career that would involve struggling through a science degree, before jumping ship to work in IT and eat fast food for 20 years.

Now things have come full circle. Photography, gardening, and food have once again become my hobbies. But now I have the tools and the outlook to put these things together, and actually do something with them. Perth too has matured, and is starting to look a bit grown up as a food destination.

About Ondine:
Ondine is YAFB's resident pedant, shadowy editor, sanity checker, and Orpheus's very significant other. If it wasn't for her, YAFB would not be anywhere as well written, and probably would be a blog about online gaming by now. She also brings the Snark(tm).

Yet Another Foodie Blog was conceived mid-2010 to journal the things that we find interesting, both in Perth and abroad. It's also here to document the nasty bits that people should avoid.  Within it, you will find pieces Orpheus wrote on various other journals going all the way back to 2007, as well as book reviews, food porn, and highly opinionated scribbling.

Comments or feedback are always welcome, provided they are coherent and on topic. Please do not comment just to promote your own blog. Such comments, and abuse won't be tolerated, and will be marked as spam by The Computer. Everybody loves The Computer. 

- Orpheus 2015
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  2. Onya posted a verbatim copy of their review of Perth Rockpool here. Unfortunately it's kindof in the wrong place and has had it's formatting mangled by blogger's html converter.

    I've cleaned it up because it really wasn't appropriate to this section of the blog, but thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your experience Onya.

    Any other readers, please feel free to follow the links above to get to the more readable version of their review.