May 20, 2013

Buon Ricordo

108 Boundary St, Paddington
Sydney NSW, 2021 

The second fine dining establishment visited on our recent trip to Sydney was a bit of an old favourite. Buon Ricordo is an odd one and easily polarises visitors. If you expect the fancy or the flash, you won't get it, but you will get Chef Armando Percuoco and his fantastic love of Australian produce. Both the food and his passionate conversation with diners on what is fresh and new are insightful, and you don't get that from many places nowadays.

The lighting is low, the staff well practised and mature. Photography though was neither ideal nor something we had put a lot of effort into, so not many shots made it past editing. Here are a few highlights of the evening.

Primi Piatti

Aguglie - Garfish fillets with caponata, pickled onions and pinenuts. $29.50

I love the presentation of this one. The fillets were completely boneless (mad props, garfish are lovely to eat, but bony little things). The caponata had a delightful Moorishness about it (I see what you did there: Ondine), sweet, sour, and textured. The pinenuts cooked this way to tenderness, were reminiscent of chickpeas.


Fettuccine - Cream and Parmesan, topped with a fried truffle egg, tossed at the table. $34.50

The Buon Ricordo classic. Theatre in an over the top, rich yet stunningly simple dish. It's really just pasta, cheese, egg and cream.

The only complaint I had was that truffle oil had been used to excess. The first time I had this, I was lucky enough to be visiting during truffle season. So I've been dreaming about this one since for about 6 years. While being enjoyable, the oil was too overpowering, and fresh truffle is definitely the way to go.

Carne e Volatili

Coniglio - Rabbit stuffed with spinach, chicken and rosemary served with chestnut mushrooms. $45.50

A good, attractive and hearty dish, the rabbit was tender and mild in flavour. While I did enjoy it, between the sauce and the seasoning, the rabbit was indistinguishable from the chicken, and at the time I did comment that I may just have had only chicken on my plate.

Ondine and I both had a good evening at Buon Ricordo and I'd love to be able to visit more often. Rated a reliable 39 of 100 in Gourmet Traveller's top restaurants for 2013, I give Buon Ricordo: 75/100 

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