Jan 4, 2013

A long time between drinks...

I believe the cider surge in Western Australia has pretty much died off now. There hasn't been much of interest or new on the shelves at the locals for over three months now, so I've been struggling to find something new that's worth a try.

A lot of the good imports have long come and gone. We seem to have reached a plateau where Rekorderlig, cheap eastern states brewery ciders, and if you are lucky Weston's are all you can find in the bottlos, and that's kind of sad.

Here's two newish ones - one has a rather nifty marketing campaign, while the other has gone the arty route.

Fog City Cloudy Cider

6.0% alcohol.
Victoria, Australia
500ml bottle, crown cap.
$6.50 - Mane Liquor Ascot.

Cloudy and the colour of lemon juice, it's the arty one. Not much on the nose, with a medium dry palate, some acid bite but not much finish. Mid-high alcohol content, this is a solid, almost wineish cider.

Dr Pilkington's Miracle Cider

5.0% alcohol.
South Australia
500ml bottle, crown cap.
$6.99 - Dan Murphys Midland.

Outwardly, A domestic industrial grade cider, but it does have a taste a little like something made with real fruit and not just apple concentrate. Dry, its got a reasonable balance of acid and sugar, but also a little residual bitterness to keep it interesting.

It's big attraction to me was the catchy labelling. I'm not sure if this cider is just snake oil for the cider drinker, but as a commercial style product, it is drinkable, and worth a try. Also keeps away cats.

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