Jul 2, 2012

Three Australian Ciders

Mountain Goat Two Step Apple Cider
5.0% alcohol.
Victoria, Australia
330ml bottle, screw crown.
$5.40 - 1st Choice Midland.

Pale, smells a bit appley, and came out of the bottle well carbonated. It lost the fizz surprisingly quickly, perhaps indicating a lower than usual acidity. It's a straight, unflavoured sweet cider - a little unusual in Australia - especially as it comes from a brewer better known for their beer.

I think its rather ordinary, and a little over priced.

Thorogoods Medium Dry Scrumpy
10.5% alcohol
500ml, crown closure
~$16 Mane Liquor Ascot

This stuff was seriously the first truly lethal cider I've tasted in Australia.

At 10.5% alcohol, this is barely apple wine, it's a flavour bomb, and it's liable to do serious damage to those not prepared, with 4.1 standard drinks per bottle. This is NOT a cheerful little weekend BBQ number. 

Barrel aged, its a clear medium gold colour, and has a rancid, almost lambic nose, hiding the sweetness of apples - it's a dire warning of things to come. Flavour wise it's incredible. Acid, bitterness, and amazing fruit for something that is still so dry. This is what I would have expected if you had made applejack.

An incredible Scrumpy. The second highest alcohol level found so far and the biggest flavours. Is it good? I don't know, I fell over after the first glass. Will have to try again.

Thorogoods Medium Sweet Scrumpy
12% alcohol
500ml, crown closure
~$16 Mane Liquor Ascot

To top them all. This offering is slightly darker, pleasantly sweet and phenomenally alcoholic. 

It carries the same funky windfall apple and barrel house smell as the dry cider, but the sugar takes some of the harshness and acidity off. Its a bit more balanced, but I reckon you need a bit of ice in it to make it drinkable. Absolutely incredible. 

Finally Australian ciders made with heirloom cider apples making their way to Perth and now I'm curious to try their Apple Beer.

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