Jan 6, 2012

The Lake House

The Lake House Denmark
106 Turner Road,
Shadforth, 6333
(08) 9848 2444

A little way out of the town on the Denmark wine trail is The Lake House. For several years now they have been making above average wines, as well as running a cottage condiments industry. 

Well, it's a big call I know, but I think from this year's visit they have stepped from ordinary into something quite exceptional for such a small business. The cafe is open for lunch from 11am, and serves platter style lunches. Thats not unusual in this area, but honestly it was the single best platter we saw on the trip, and Lake House's wines are also getting better with each visit.

Wherever possible the produce is sourced organically and locally, much of it from their own garden. The condiments are all from The Lake House's own range of preserves. The mustards are extraordinarily good; so good I broke my rule on collecting more. Condiment accretion. It's a nasty habit.

I've always been a fan of their "He Said, She Said" red blend, purely for quaffing, but now the varietal styles are improving in leaps and bounds. I had a glass of their fantastic 2009 pinot with the Cosmo Vineyard Lunch.  Ham, sausage, cheeses, dips, relishes, fresh bread, a salad. It had everything. On a warm south-west summers day you could easily curl up for a nap after this one.

Recommended 13.5/20

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