May 23, 2011

Breakfast with Jezebelle

127 James Street
Guildford, WA 6055
(08)6278 3538

Jezebelle is the new licensed restaurant opened in Guildford, across from Alfred's. I've been keeping an eye on the redevelopment of the old building since it started some months back, and I must say I'm excited to see infrastructure of this sort coming into the area.

Ondine and I dropped in for breakfast on Sunday morning to see how they were doing, having been open now less than two weeks. Things look really promising and I really hope that this venture works out for them.

The décor is modern, cosy, and clearly still a work in progress, with the lounge and outdoor areas still being finished off. What they have done though does look fantastic.

It's early days and I understand that the enthusiastic staff haven't had a lot of time to click together as a team, but there's clearly some talent there. The barista blends their coffee in house and Chef, John Newton has put together an extraordinary menu that's both simple, yet gourmet. 

I'm also quite impressed by their wine list. A lot of places pad out the wine list with a heap of different brands - most of which are pretty much the same thing. Others, particularly the cheaper establishments stick to wines from only one or two producers. Jezebelle has done something I've not seen before - They have one wine of almost every variety, from all over the world and all at reasonable prices.

The food? Well Ondine and I were there for breakfast so we thought we would try a few things out of the ordinary. Now who doesn't like salad for breakfast? The Breakfast Salad is $14.90, and features an egg, prosciutto, roast baby potatoes and of course... salad.  Ordered with a side of Slow Roasted Tomato ($2.50)

Breakfast Salad, and Roast Tomato

This was tasty enough, but we discovered (and this may be due to being a brand new kitchen) the chef has a very light touch when it comes to the cooking. I feel the egg, and the tomato could have been cooked a bit harder to bring out the flavour, and some seasoning would have been nice, but overall it was a nice dish. More on this later.

Breakfast Burrito and Sauté Mushrooms

What about a Burrito? A Breakfast Burrito! ($12.90) and side of Sautéed Mushrooms ($2.50). As you would expect, this consisted of a Burrito wrap, but filled with the kitchen's home made baked beans, Gruyère cheese and an egg. We washed this down with pretty good coffee ($4.50).

So, it's a new place, that hasn't quite come together yet. There are a few rough edges with the service (we weren't offered seasoning, food was slow from the kitchen), but everything is very shiny and new, and I expect it to only get better.  The prices are very good considering almost everything is sourced locally, with an emphasis on organic, sustainable, etc. They also don't appear to be compromising on the ingredients, which is what I like to see.

The only downsides I can make mention of that the cuisine is very healthy. The portions are sized to be just right. The ingredients all healthy. Good oils, no salt added (or if it's very light) and everything is *just* cooked. Sometimes I like things dripping with butter, but I have to remind myself here that this is not a French restaurant - it's Mod Australian, and by that, it's doing really well for the new kid on the block.

I'll be back to try Dinner. Recommended.

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