Apr 16, 2011

Rochelle Adonis - High Tea

Rochelle Adonis
193 Brisbane Street
Northbridge, WA.
+61 8 9227 0007

High Tea bookings essential, 24 hours notice.
$45 per person, 50% deposit.

Today I ticked off another one of my "Must Do"s for Perth. Ondine and I visited Rochelle Adonis for High Tea. I will admit that I was slightly influenced by reading this blog entry, but really needed no inducement to get into really good pastries.

This is definitely one of the best high teas available in Perth. I haven't done them all so I won't claim that, but it's certainly the best I've had here . Very fine sweet and savoury petit fours, served in two courses, with your choice of tea or coffee in an artistic studio environment. Rochelle Adonis certainly punches above her weight, as you would expect from someone that has worked here, and here.

The Entrée

First course.
Cashel blue cream in Beetroot tuile. Creamy, distinctly blue cheese in a delicate beetroot wrapper. A powerfully flavoured bite size snack.
Cucumber sandwich. The beloved classic of high teas everywhere, this has a little twist in that it's a triple decker and on a stick. Not a favourite of mine, but a good starter.
Fricassee of mushroom tart. Rochelle sells little bags of "crisps" made with sesame and parmesan. This was incorporated into an incredibly short tart, topped with a mixture of sautéed mushrooms, parsley, chives, and a dollop of creme fraiche. My favourite, despite the way it exploded as I lifted it off the tray. VERY short pastry, and oh so good.

The Main Course

Second course.
Passionfruit strap, olive oil yoghurt mousse, passionfruit caviar. Featured recently at one of Rochelle's degustation dinners, this was a tart, multi textured mouthful.
Berry topped trifle. Oh goodness. This one was a killer. The rose petal/berry compote was nice, but the trifle is super sweet, sticky and guaranteed to finish you off.
Pear and chocolate dacquoise. A multi layered almond sponge soaked with syrup, a silky chocolate ganache on top and a tiny poached pear. It's simplicity masks how rich it really was.
Rocky Road ice cream. Another favourite of mine. Rochelle's nougat is of the chewier style and in an icecream it's fantastic.  


Honestly a lot of people will say $45 per person is expensive, but I really don't think that's fair. The little finesses, the friendly staff and the range of techniques performed on the food made this a welcome pleasant experience. Everything here is a little bit of art, and all the food is assembled a la minute - nothing looked, smelt or tasted like it had just come from a coldroom.  I left feeling really stuffed after that trifle!

Downsides. The communal table. You could be subjected to loud individuals or people with very small children (and all the associated hazards). It was also quite warm on this unseasonably hot day, so the venue may not be that comfortable when it's really hot during summer. These were minor things though, and I'd definitely go back just for the takeaways, which are awesome and really deserve a post all of their own.

Recommended 14.5/20

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