Sep 28, 2010


Shop 1 / 50 Subiaco Square
Subiaco, WA

Satsuki is a cool little izikaya style restaurant right next to the Subi train station. It's the sister restaurant to the well known Ha-Lu (another place on my list to visit) and hopefully it will do better there than the now defunct Harlequin restaurant that it replaced.

Available for Lunch, Dinner and Takeaway, the restaurant also boasts an extensive list of traditional beverages. The food is very good. High quality Sashimi and Sushi, all hand made and carefully plated, this is not a place where your eyes will go hungry.

Ondine and I had booked a table for Friday night, but we would have been able to get in without a reservation - It was relatively quiet - most likely due to the long weekend. I had decided to go vegetarian - I'm finding it's a pretty good test of the restaurant's ability. Anyone can cook a steak and make it edible or filling, but to make vegetables fun and enjoyable is another level of skill. Ondine chose to go with a seafood bias, particularly Sashimi.

Daily Sashimi Plate

The "Daily Sashimi Plate ($18)" consisted of kingfish, kingfish belly, tuna, and salmon. The shiso leaf was a nice touch - It's a vegetable/herb that isn't seen often in Perth restaurants. The wasabi was also notable - it appeared to be reconstituted root (powder) when more often than not, the wasabi you see is just horseradish and green food colouring.

Aubergine in Soy Tempura Vegetables

"Aubergine in Soy Daishi Broth ($12)" Quite filling, the broth was the highlight.

"Vegetable Tempura ($12)" Deep fried pumpkin, aubergine, capsicum, zuccini, and mushroom (shiitake). Nice enough, but not great value compared to the other offerings.

Satsuki Salad

"Satsuki Salad ($12)" This was definitely one of the most fun ways I've ever eaten salad. Layers of tomato, daikon, carrot, mizuna, pumpkin and lettuce - masterfully sliced into blocks, seasoned with white pepper, salt and a light vinaigrette.

Shimesaba Mackeral

"Grilled 'Shimesaba' Mackerel ($12.90)" This was very well presented.  A beautifully cooked fish.

I really quite liked it here. The food might be a little expensive for the quantity, but the work involved with the preparation was apparent, and it was all very fresh. The staff were a little on the quiet side, but very courteous. This could easily become a favourite place to go on a Friday night and I think I'll be going back when I'm in the mood for shochu.


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