Aug 11, 2010

Want a Hot Chocolate?

San Churros 
cnr Roberts & Rokeby Roads
Subiaco, WA

Apologies for the photo quality.  The iPhone isnt bad,  but there is only so much you can do with a 3mm lens.

Ondine and I dropped in to San Churros for a chocolaty repast on Saturday while we were in Subiaco.  We've been in many times since they opened, and used to visit their Fremantle operation quite a bit.

I didn't find their cakes to be anything special, but the "Azteca" Hot Chocolate or the Affogato were very good. I have to come out and say it though. My familiarity with the product  leads me to say I'm a bit over the whole churros thing now. It's done for me.

They are still something a little different but since the place has gotten so popular (there is a queue all day,)  I feel that they suffer tired oil syndrome. The same thing that happens in fish and chip shops. The oil gets a bit stale. The churros end up a bit darker than they should be, and you are left feeling heavy and regretting eating them.

Good Hot Chocolate that you can stand a spoon in!

On this visit we opted for the Tapas plate. A mixture of white chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate dipping sauce and a number of small chocolates and strawberries. 

While it looked very nice, I'm sad to say the chocolate covered pretzels were pretty awful.  The pretzel was stale and the chocolate was clearly made using vegetable oil. It was a pretty disgusting chocolate. Even Red Tulip would have been better.

The chocolate dipping sauce. I'm not impressed. This too appears to have been made with vegetable oil and I'm pretty sure it never used to, but it's got a  distinctive taste.  It was also pretty obvious that the rest of the chocolate used was either old or hadn't been tempered.

All up. Staff friendly (if confused about which orders go to what tables). Great hot chocolate. Coffee nothing special. The food - not as good as it used to be - in fact pass on it and go next door to Jus for a burger instead.

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