Aug 18, 2010

Going Green - Again

The Greenhouse
100  Saint Georges Terrace,
Perth, WA.

Lunchtime on a Monday morning.

The Greenhouse is packed to the gills but it looks like there are tables to spare - perhaps enough room to fit Ondine, Helga and myself for a quick lunch. Ondine and approach a waiter, but are politely told that everything is reserved. We could however take a seat at the bar, order a coffee or something and wait perhaps half an hour. This place is humming with activity.
Settling in on the recycled seats we are approached by a guy in chinos carrying a large folder - looks like a marketing type. He's looking for some company rep, sorry mate, not us. He wanders off and is last seen making phone calls - I reckon his group couldn't get a seat so moved somewhere else. Everything is telling me this is the place to be for lunch.

It's not sandwiches. Its not burgers. There is a great wine menu, the coffee is good and best of all everything is fresh. No two day old sushi or salad made at 5am here.

Ondine and I have 30 minutes to kill before Helga arrives so get stuck in ordering the tasting plate to start. It's kind of hilarious when you realize the dish called Greenhouse Bits and Pieces ($25) is just that. bits and pieces of recycled gear.

Whats edible on the recycled marine ply however isn't cheap. Jamon Serrano ham, salami. Fremantle sardines  in a bit of an anti-pasto in a recycled tuna tin. A fantastic wood fired dish of roasted kipfler potatoes, salad greens in a jar, and the Greenhouse's in-house wholemeal bread. A funky winter snack for two.

We finished this off quickly and the wait staff were good on their promise of finding us a table, so we were on the move to the other side of the restaurant where we were served our mains.

I had the White Bean and Smoked Bacon Soup with Toast ($15). This was creamy and whipped to almost a foam. Oil and sauce placed on the dish before serving slowly bubbled to the top or when you stirred it, creating pockets of flavour and texture in the soup. So similar to a pea and ham soup, but weirdly almost Mexican re-fried beanesque. Recommended.

White Bean and Bacon Soup Prawn and Shitake Omelet

Ondine selected the  Prawn and Shitake Omelet ($17).  On the face of it the hoisin sauce and coriander seemed out of place, but once the flavours of the whole dish were combined it became a very clever asian fusion dish. I was pretty focused on my bacon soup at the time, but I believe this one comes highly recommended by Ondine. One tip. If you are vegetarian, just get them to leave the prawns out - it still works.  

I was pretty stuffed at this point, but practically on a dare I ordered dessert. Blood Orange Trifle ($10). Oh MY GOD. This was like distilled orange and both incredibly sweet and tart. Helga was impressed by the flavour when she tried it so ordered one for herself. Ondine chose the Green Apple Tart with Calvados Mascarpone ($10). This is where I admit to failing because I honestly don't remember what it tasted like. My brain was fizzing on orange.

The Verdict.
Even though we still haven't done dinner,  from this place's popularity, and my own experience it's definitely worth a visit. Make sure you book! The only downside I've seen is the menu is quite simple - no set vegetarian menu, to speak of. I reckon if you ask the chef nicely though they would probably make up any combo you want from whats available on the day to suit your diet.

Not the cheapest in Perth, but it's practically gourmet. Recommended

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