Jun 28, 2007

Food Review: Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant- Maylands - Dinner

On the result of a coin toss arty_tart and I visited this establishment for dinner.  I figured that based on my earlier experience, Dinner would be a little better. Possibly pleasant. I was very very wrong.

Summary: I was not impressed and wont go back. I expect food and service like this from the local craptastic pan-asian lunch bar near where I work - and that's in an industrial estate  - I do not expect it from a place that has won multiple awards.

First warning sign: No Asians in the restaurant.
Second warning sign: Tea Bag in teapot.
Third warning sign: Asked waiter for chopsticks TWICE.

Hot and Sour soup
More like "slightly salty seafood soup with mushrooms in it". No one puts frozen squid rings in soup. NO ONE! No sign of vinegar. Chilli had been waved across the top of the bowl.

Presentation Rating: 5/10
Tasty Rating: 2/10
Fried Wantons and Dipping Sauce
Overcooked, Waxy things with an orange coloured sauce pretending to be sweet & sour. Nothing good could be said about these.

Presentation Rating: What?
Tasty Rating: Not really
I was going to continue the review but honestly, even though we ordered off the "Chef's Speciality" list, the only thing that was good was the Honey Prawns, and that doesn't take a lot of effort.

Overall Rating
Possibly the worst pan-asian style dining in Perth. Give me McDonalds over this.

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Authors Note 14/05/2011:  Return to the infamous Wing Bo. A caustic review (edited for spelling). The place even to this day leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I was very polite to the staff despite their rudeness at the time and poor quality food. 

I've since learned that a better measure of an asian restaurant is to order the more obscure traditional dishes and see what they do, and also not to take Gold Plate awards as a mark of a restaurant's ability. Its just a popularity contest rather than a serious benchmark of quality.


  1. You don't know shit. Wing Bo has won this many awards for a reason. As many in your position, you are far too over critical and extremely pedantic. Everything has to be perfect just for you doesn't it? Your warning signs are stupid as fuck. No asian people in the restaurant doesn't mean a fucking thing and does not change the quality of the food in the slightest. It is merely an immensely basic observation that you have considered note worthy. As for the comment "Asked waiter for chopsticks TWICE", get fucked you ungrateful bastard. Wait staff in ANY restaurant no matter how successful it is will make these kinds of trivial mistakes. Ask again and be patient like the rest of the civilized world. You act this way most likely due to the fact that making such comments gives you some sort of air of superiority that is abundant in the entire review. This also brings to light your describing of the establishment to a "craptastic pan-asian lunch bar". Where the fuck do you get off making this comment? Don't even get me started on how little you understand of running a restaurant. The difficulty in every fucking way is different from a lunch bar. Seeming how you work there, you clearly have little to no experience in the food industry or writing reviews. This proves even further that your comments here are misguided and are made solely to either inflate your alarmingly pretentious, identification of yourself as a "foodie" or to create some kind of premise of self-satisfaction by bringing down others.

  2. I've un-spamlocked Anonymous's post to illustrate the popularity of Wing Bo and why I now block anonymous posting. Too many cowards out there that cannot debate the issues without attacking the person.

    I'll leave it up to you to dear reader to decide whether the person that posted this was an representative of the business or just doesn't like people that have opinions.

    I don't care what restaurant you go to, but it's a pretty poor one when food is served but there are no implements to eat it with.

  3. Hi my name is Wen, I'm a food blogger and I definitely think Wing Bo is like the worst Chinese food ever. Like totally. Next to Wing Bo is a Chinese restaurant in Albany. That's how remotely disgusting Wing Bo is. Tried their "curry prawn" and other recommended dishes =X. Worst place ever. But then again, we can unhate the haters. I once did a review for a thai restaurant in Victoria Park, and I then had people making comments they don't qualify making!

  4. Really dissapointed with anon's reply. There is no excuse for this kind of rudeness, regardless of how scathing your original review was, it is your opinion and you shouldn't have to put up with that kind of thing because of it.

    Having said that, Wing Bo is not what I consider a traditional or authentic Chinese restaurant (which seems to be what you were expecting). At best i would call it 'Aussie Chinese' following in the same footsteps as a hundred others of its type since the 80's. If judged in that category, it was (especially during its first decade) and to a slightly lesser degree still is, a notch above many others in terms of service, price and taste.

    It is also worth pointing out that so many of the people that mention the 'wall full of gold plate awards' don't mention that the majority of them are finalist frames and not winners (just pointing it out, i would like think that although I personally like the place, I am not just bleating like a sheep about how great it is, they aren't the most amazingly fantastic and wonderful restaurant ever to grace our fair shores).

    What do I base my opinion on you ask? (and a personal opinion is all that it is!)
    Well, I started eating there the week that they opened, almost 20 years ago now... When living in the area I visited at least once a fortnight and even when I lived quite a distance away in the western suburbs I made the trip there at least half a dozen times a year. During that time I have had both good and bad meals, although more of the former (whether due to luck or perculiar tastebuds I will not judge). I will admit that it is not at the same high level now that it was when it opened, and this has been a slow but consistant trend over the last 10 years, it is depressing but perhaps inevitable that in another 10 years I wont be eating there anymore (assuming that they are still there) unless they manage to do something to fix this.

    If you don't like the food there, that's fine. Constructive comments help others make informed judgements on where to dine. If you DO like a place, write about it, don't abuse someone with profanity just because you don't agree (yes, I'm looking at you anon...).

  5. I'd say that all of the 'award' frames on the wall are 'runners up' awards and they have yet to win the Gold plate. We live within walking distance of this restaurant and have been dining here since they opened. Like all restaurants, they have their good days and bad days. Is still our favourite Chinese restaurant...frick, even us housewives have bad days in the kitchen :)